Our Rates are:

The Studio Rental Rates are: Weekdays (4 Hours) for $175. Weekends (4 Hours) for $195. Then $40 for each additional hour.


We do offer discounts for Multi-Day Rentals (multi-day is 3 or more consecutive shooting days).

Rental Fee is due in full on the day of your rental with a $75 deposit due when you reserve your rental date.

Lighting Packages are available for $40 each (Lighting Package is one Flash Head, Power Pack, Light Stand, and light Modifier (modifiers include either softbox, octobox, beauty dish, or umbrella).

The Booking Deposit is non refundable if the renter cancels or needs to change rental date.

For Cast & Crews over 10 members we have an added $100 fee.

Event Rentals with less than 40 guests begin at $250 for 4 hours – more than 40 guests $350.

Forms of Payment  include:  Credit Card – Paypal – Cash   (we do not accept Cashiers Checks).